Movies about Dogs // Best Dog Movies to watch during the Isolation

Pass your coronavirus-induced alone time by watching movies about our best friends, Dogs. 

Sports are cancelled, global panic is in tact. We can’t control most of what’s happening in regards to the Corona Virus BUT what we can do is stay at home and not induce panic on ourselves. So, everyday plan a fun movie night, or day where you grab a tub of popcorn and queue up one of these movies!

1. Marley & Me (2008)

An adopted Golden Retriever puppy brings a whole lot of chaos and even more Joy. 

2. A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

A devoted dog (Josh Gad) discovers the meaning of its own existence through the lives of the humans it teaches to laugh and love. A Beautiful movie, bound to bring some tears but cozy and warm as well. 

3. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

A drama that is a remake of the 1987 Japanese film, which follows the true story of the Akita named Hachiko. Hachi is all about Loyalty, a Dog’s loyalty. If you haven’t watched it yet we suggest you queue it up to the front.

4.Beethoven (1992)

This one is on our re-watch list for sure. A giant (as in 185 pounds) but friendly St. Bernard named Beethoven causes a few disasters in his home, but the family finally starts getting comfortable with him when a vet tries to set them up.

5. A Dog’s Journey (2019)
Sequel to a Dog’s Purpose, A Dog’s Journey is one of the sweetest and warmest Dog movies you can find. Ethan’s dog Bailey finds a new destiny: Protect Ethan’s granddaughter at any cost.

6.The Art of Racing in the Rain

Denny Swift is a Formula One race car driver who understands that the techniques needed on the racetrack can also be used to successfully navigate everyday life. Besides his career, Denny has three loves of his life — his beautiful wife, their young daughter and his best friend, which is a dog that wants to be reincarnated into a human.

7. The Call of the Wild

Adaptation from Jack London’s famous book. 

Buck is a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life gets turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s. As the newest rookie on a mail-delivery dog sled team, Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime as he ultimately finds his true place in the world.

8. The Secret Life of Pets 

It’s hard not to wonder what your pets do while you’re at work — which is why this fun animated movie (from the creators of Despicable Meis one you won’t want to miss.

9. The Isle of Dogs

his Wes Anderson movie takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Megasaki, at a time when every dog is exiled after a canine flu outbreak. The story follows a determined 12-year-old boy who sets off on a crazy adventure to bring back his dog, Spots.

Stuck at home? How to Keep Your Dog Mobile and Active at Home Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hopefully, you’re self-isolating and protecting our communities and planet during this chaotic time where the coronavirus is still new to us and still scary and unknown. 
Since we are equipped with Netflix, quarantine is almost blissful but it might not be the case for your pup who is used to long walks and outdoor time. It’s still important for their physical and mental well being that they move around and their brains are occupied.

1. Invest in a couple of Interactive Treat Dispensing Toys

Here’s Baxter’s favorite Treat-Dispensing Interactive Toy!

It’s super simple to use and entertains your pooch for a long time. Fill up the toy with your dog’s favorite treat or dry food and place it on the ground. Your pup will push the moving toy around the house in search of delicious treats, treats only come out a few at a time, forcing your dog to eat slowly and spend a long time trying to get every last bit of delicious out. Click here to grab yours 

2. Play Hide and Seek

Hide some dry treats in this treat ball and hide the ball under a table or couch, and watch your pup smell around to find the toy and then spend hours trying to get the delicious treats out of it. Here’s the one we use for Baxter, it’s also one of the best selling treat toys. Grab your treat ball here

3. Slow Down Feeding Time & wake up his inner Einstein

Just like us, dogs tend to overeat when they’re bored. If you find your dog is eating too much too fast, try using the SniffSnuffle Snuffle Mat

It’s perfect for fast eaters, or if you have an older dog that can’t move around much anymore or even if you just need to work on your laptop and need your pup to keep quiet and entertain himself for a while!

It’s super easy to use and clean, use it with dry food only. Grab your SniffSnuffle Puzzle Mat on sale here

4. Home School your Pup

What better time to teach your pooch some new tips and tricks? Baxter’s cousin Mocha the Akita loves scratching the door when she wants to come back in from the yard. We trained Mocha to ring a doorbell when she wants to come in with a special doorbell with a touch button, made just for dogs!

You can also reverse use it for when your dog wants to go outside.
Grab your doggy doorbell here

Can my dog get coronavirus? OR Can I catch Coronavirus from my Dog?

“Can my dog get Coronavirus?” 

“How can I protect my Dog against the unknowns of the Coronavirus?

“Can I catch Coronavirus from my pet?

These are all valid questions you might be asking in regards to the recent Coronavirus Crisis we are having.

Up until last week, according to The World Health Organization there had not been any reported cases of coronavirus in domestic animals. But this week, Hong Kong authorities confirmed that a Pomeranian in fact tested positive for the Coronavirus, which elevated concerns for pet owners across the globe.

Can pets become coronavirus carriers or be infected?

According to experts, it’s very unlikely that dogs or cats can actually be infected with the Coronavirus. What most likely have occured in the case of the Pomeranian is that the pet owner himself was infected with Coronavirus and was being treated, he was likely shedding large quantities of Coronavirus some of which ended up on the dog. The dog is in quarantine, being examined to see if any symptoms will develop.

So what should I be doing to protect my health and my dog’s health? 

When in contact with any animal, it’s best to wash your hands with soap and water. 
Dogs do not need a face mask to protect themselves against the new coronavirus, in fact it may cause them breathing problems, so avoid putting masks on dogs

Although it’s highly unlikely for you to pass coronavirus to your dog, if a pet is around an infected person, they might transmit the virus for a few hours while the virus is still alive. 

  1. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds!
  2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  3. Avoid close contact with sick people.
  4. Stay home when you are sick.
  5. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and then throw it away.
  6. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  7. Consult your veterinarian about how to and how often to wash your dog and what dog shampoo would be safe and effective for your pet.